CFS A Passion for Service

CFS team is where passion and skill join together to provide complete tailor made solutions to our customers. We take pride in being a part of the Futuristic city Dubai and to establish CFS to be one among the Leading Players of International Freight Forwarding Industry.

CFS Who we are

CFS current team in Dubai is accepted as TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTION PROVIDER with the expertise and market knowledge, its practice, ethics of the Industry viz Air, Sea and Land Import/Export requirements, Customs Regulation, Licensing of diverse business start up processes, various consular documentation, various certification as needed, and facilitate to transact and ensure smooth process through Dubai Airport & Seaport to any destination and from origin countries.

CFS Vision

CFS is an organization set with CLEAR INTENT & FIRM COMMITMENT to be A TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTION provider of the Freight Forwarding Industry, to be Equipped, Committed and Enhance the expertise focused to cater the current and future generation of the MOST MODERN & FUTURISTIC CITY DUBAI & UAE.

CFS Mission

CFS as an organization will work towards maximum utilization of the expertise gained in the past, train and equip the younger generation for the future taking into consideration the demands of Dubai’s Logistics Industry with a view to serve the Nation UAE EVERY TIME & ANYTIME.